Based on the theme ‘The Death Of A Stuffed Animal’


By Andrew J. Hardy

I watched as he fell; he seemed to tumble head over tail for an eternity until he finally landed in the dew-wet grass by the side of the path.

I’d had him since I was born-a gift from my godfather apparently. And I didn’t mean to let him go: one moment I was talking to him, laughing and kissing him, eating his face and all I did was shake him a bit in excitement and he just- fell out of my hands.

I heard him land; he looked really sad and lonely and I knew I had to get him back, but I couldn’t reach him; and Mummy hadn’t seen it. She was talking to someone inside a thing in her hand, and she didn’t even hear me when I started crying, she was too busy laughing hysterically about something or other to be bothered about me.

Then I heard something else, and all of a sudden I was scared. VERY scared. I looked round and I saw it and I started to cry again but I could only watch on helplessly as-

Wy did he just throw me away? I’ve been with him over three years now and he’s the only master I’ve ever known. He has always treated me so well – I was there when he said his first word and he said it to ME: Gawow; that’s how I got my name. I love it. 

He took me everywhere; there had been many times when he wouldn’t leave the house until they’d found me, I was usually stuck under something or in something, but I didn’t mind. He would just look at me, sobbing and teary eyed but those tears dried up the Very moment he saw me! Then he’d hug and squeeze me as if I was the only thing in the whole wide world that mattered to him, and that was my job – to make this little man happy. I thought I had but – obviously not.

          It’s very cold out here; and damp, I can feel the horrible wetness seeping into my back and it’s very cold. Why aren’t they stopping? Why is he waving at me – oh no wait, he’s not waving he’s crying, no screaming at me now. Wait – what’s that noise?

Oh god. 

It’s sniffing me; why’s this thing sniffing me? Can’t it see that I belong to that little boy in the blue pushchair, the one that is crying hysterically? Oh wait that’s gross, don’t lick – hey your teeth are sharp, be careful -ow, that HURTS!!! THAT REALLY HURTS!! Now what are you doing- WHERE ARE YOU TAKING ME?! LET ME GO… PUT ME DOWN!! STOP SHAKING ME!

Oh… my leg, I can’t feel my leg; I think it’s broken, or damaged, or – MY LEG?! Where’s my LEG?!!  Get off, get off that hurts, your….standing…on… my… chest… I can feel my..seams…ripping…. my… insides… are.. outside now..