The TWiG is out now!

Introducing our group magazine –

It’s a collection of writing penned right here in Telford, an area steeped in nearly a half century’s worth of history, but that didn’t hold us back. We have stories and poetry so eclectic and unusual that you might think Telford is actually a seething hotbed of novel literary genius, (it actually is!).
You see, the TWiG is aimed squarely at the aspiring writer within you, we hope to inspire others to join us in our collective Telfordian voice, and if not maybe just read and enjoy our FREE outpourings of imagination and lyrical musings.
As a writer you may have lofty intentions of novel authorship or just enjoy expressing yourself with the strange symbols we call letters, either way you’ll be surprised how much more fun it is to write and read in a group, specifically the Telford Writer’s Group.
Through this worthy periodical we hope to attract more closet writers to join us. Our meetings are fun and relaxed, we have monthly writing challenges, inspiration and charm by the bucket load. But if the idea of a meet in meatspace fills you with horror then ‘Like’ us on the Facebook and keep picking up the TWiG because in here we’ll have the best local stories and poetry we can find. Submit yours, we’ll like it, promise!
The above call for submissions is genuine, we’re a small group and can’t fill the TWiG by ourselves, we need other Telford talent, whether it’s anonymous poetry or a bite tale, we want it all.
So in conclusion, love writing, love TWiG.

If you would like a copy please feel free to contact us and we will send you a copy! We will also have a electronic version on the website very soon!

We are also looking for submissions for the next issue, Click on our submissions page for more details!